A Helping Hand – Building Successful Partnerships

//A Helping Hand – Building Successful Partnerships

A Helping Hand – Building Successful Partnerships

If you go through my blog, you will find a myriad of ways that I mentor others to learn to be successful. You really need to have as many tools as you can to put into your tool belt, so to speak. Today I’m going to introduce an idea that many of you may not of thought of before, so take this to heart and listen closely. This could be a game changer for you.

Most of time, I notice that people focus on what they can find and utilize to make themselves alone successful. There is nothing wrong with that approach per se, it’s just that there are avenues that you might leave out with that approach. Let me see if I can shed some light on what I mean here.

When you’re trying to strive toward success, your horizon should be wide and open to opportunities. Very often, we focus on ourselves only and forget that there are other people within our sphere of influence that we can have an impact on or that might impact us. There are a ton of people that are attempting to be successful, that are on a similar path that we are on. What do we call those other people? Competitors? Nope. We should call them partners. Why would we call them partners?

We call other people in our industry partners for many reasons, but let’s start with two. One reason we call others partners is because you can help them become successful. The other reason we call others partners is because they help us to be successful. This may shock you and seem completely backwards to what you are used to. That’s ok! Most people assume that the marketplace is a “dog-eat-dog” market. However, in the realm I work and operate in, it is not that way. In fact, if you insist on operating with a “dog-eat-dog” mindset, you will likely not find yourself successful at the end of the day. Why not? For the simple, yet powerful fact: No one will want to work with you or help promote your product. That is a big deal.

You see then, I want to see my partners succeed. I want their product to be the next best-seller. I want their subscribers to go nuts over their latest release, whether it be a book, a online course or a Live Event. In fact, I actively promote their products and share them on my social media platforms! I sincerely want them to be successful. Guess what? When I launch my latest product, they have the very same exact attitude toward me! That is the marketplace I live and breathe in.

What is the advantage to having this type of mind set? Well first of all, other successful business owners actually desire to work with me. They understand that I “get it” and they sincerely want me on their team. They know that I genuinely want them to succeed and make sales.

We’ll call it a “Helping Hand” attitude. We don’t grow envious when someone says, “I’m launching a new online course.” Far from it! We say things like, “That’s fantastic! What can I do to help?” We become each others affiliates and send our new products to each others email lists to help each other make as many sales as possible. Can you see how seeing each other as competitors is a really bad move? We build partnerships that lead to friendships and camaraderie. I can’t tell you how many friends I have made this way!

Whatever venture you are currently in, I challenge you to ditch the “scarcity” mentality and start seeing other people in your marketplace as partners. You will be amazed at the number of doors that start opening for you.

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