Amazing Crew!!

Amazing Crew!!

House is all framed and sheeting starts Monday.

That’s fantastic news for us. As I said, my crew has been busting tail. They have been blowin’ and goin’ like nobody’s business! It really is empowering to have a project like this one underway and have a skilled bunch of guys alongside you to get the job done. I’ve included some pictures of our progress below for you to check out. I want to thank everyone that has been involved from the beginning including my wife, Karen,  for their hard work.

Just looking at the pics above, you can see that there really is a good deal of work being done on this project and it’s moving quick. Since my last post here, we’ve been able to make a lot of progress. I’m hoping you will stay tuned and check back to see how we move through each phase. It might help some of you in the future as you look to do your own building projects.

Here’s a link to my Facebook Page in case you’d like to make a comment or ask a question or just stop in to say “Hi”. I’ll see you next time and will try to add the next set of pictures for you if time allows. Keep learning and look for upcoming opportunities to succeed!

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