Business is Booming – When Being Homeless is a Good Thing.

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It’s been very busy…

I tell you one thing though, I never thought I could be happy about being homeless! We are homeless but in a good way. Don’t worry about us though, we will have a place to lay our heads thankfully. Some of you might remember me telling you about our last building project and the camp on Chateaugay Lake that we purchased. After the new build went up, we quickly went to work on remodeling the camp on Chateaugay Lake. You might remember we shared our progress with you with pics and video. It was very busy time for us that held a lot of elbow-grease and excitement. I was glad to include you all in our progress with updates via my Facebook page and videos that I had posted there from time to time.

It seems that we’ve found ourselves in a very similar phase at this time of our lives. It’s a personal goal of my mine to always stay busy and make the most of every opportunity. As a mentor, it’s something that I try to instill to my students and people within my sphere of influence also. It goes without saying: if you’re idle and stagnant, you are primed and ready for the opportunities that lie ahead. That’s one of the reasons that I pride myself on being a lifetime learner, just as I’ve stated here. If you stay busy, keep active and continue to be teachable the best of opportunities will present themselves.

With those thoughts in mind, a month can make a HUGE difference! In one month we sold our last build, bought a NEW camp (and subsequently sold it!) and started on a NEW build! Wow! Now that is some exciting stuff to have happen all at once don’t you think?! When things come together like that it truly makes your head spin a bit. It reminds me of the time that I had 3 deals come together in one night.

These types of things do not come together by accident. As I mentioned before, it takes hard work, a willingness to keep learning and recognizing opportunities when they come your way. Another thing I should mention is the power of marketing.

The power of marketing is simply the ability to network with large groups and people using every means at your disposal to place your message right in front of their face. Whether we are talking about Craigslist, Facebook, Google or any other social media outlet – there is a right time and place to put your message out there. This is something that I’ve mastered over the years and I’ve actually placed a Social Media Marketing Blueprint on my site for free here.

As I said before this is busy but exciting time for us as we press forward on our new build. I will do my best to keep you all updated with our progress and may even add some video and pics of the project for you. I planning to add some free content about Tips and Tricks when planning a New Build on my website soon so stay tuned for that.

Keep checking our blog for awesome content and feel free to stop in at my Facebook Page and say hello. I am quick to respond and welcome any questions or comments you might have about our progress. See you all soon.


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