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Amazing Crew!!

Amazing Crew!! House is all framed and sheeting starts Monday. That's fantastic news for us. As I said, my crew has been busting tail. They have been blowin' and goin' like nobody's business! It really is empowering to have a project like this one underway and have a skilled bunch of guys alongside you [...]

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Business is Booming – When Being Homeless is a Good Thing.

It's been very busy... I tell you one thing though, I never thought I could be happy about being homeless! We are homeless but in a good way. Don't worry about us though, we will have a place to lay our heads thankfully. Some of you might remember me telling you about our last [...]

Real Estate Investing and Hunger Games

Survival: "Here's some advice...Stay alive" -Katniss Right off the bat, I see this as a detrimental attitude to any venture, whether it be survival, a lifestyle change or a Real Estate Investing Business. If you are aiming at just surviving, as opposed to thriving, you are aiming far too low. Your sights should be [...]