My Real Estate Investing Book Now Published!

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My Real Estate Investing Book Now Published!

It’s been an amazing journey from my first Real Estate Investing Course, to closing real estate deal after real estate deal. My latest triumph comes in the form of my Real Estate Investing Book “STOP renting and be a homeowner now”. My book idea really stemmed from conducting my business here in Upstate, NY. Over the past six years I’ve had the unbelievable pleasure of helping renters transform into homeowners virtually overnight. It was not just the excitement of transacting successful deals day after day, but even more compelling, was seeing the joy of people when they finally obtained what they yearned for: their own place to call home.

It should be said that my intentions to write a Real Estate Investing book, really came from the stark reality that most people I encountered needed someone to show them the wide opportunity that existed. There’s something to be said about the discouragement people face that have been “locked-in” as renters. Many times they don’t feel there is opportunities before them. Many times they don’t have a vision to rise above. This is really where my great motivation started.

Knowing there was a great population of people (especially around Franklin County, NY) experiencing this plight, I felt compelled to get out my story and my model of Rent to Own Real Estate Investing. Judging from the reviews already being made on amazon.com about my book, I satisfied knowing my new book is helping others.

To get your hands on the first chapter of my book click on the book below.

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ay St. Hilaire learned early that hard work and persistence are keys to a better life. At twelve years old he was working at his grandfather’s side tearing down small engines on the floor of his mom’s kitchen. He wanted to see what made them tick. Through his teens his grandfather continued to mentor him. At twenty-one Jay married and had a son. He also began his construction career, partnering with a new mentor, his dad, they built homes from the ground up. Having learned every aspect of the business, Jay eventually took over. He prides himself on being a lifelong learner. That’s why, in 2009, he called on a Dean Graziosi infomercial. He was ready to begin learning a new trade….. real estate. He read every book Dean wrote and then joined Dean’s Success Academy. Jay’s hard work brought immediate success. He closed numerous deals and mastered many effective strategies. He now enjoys paying it forward by traveling the country teaching the concepts he learned in the field. Throughout the adventure Jay keeps his two primary goals in mind each and every day. First, he’s committed to continuing to better himself, and second, he wants to help other’s benefit from the lessons he’s learned.

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