Real Estate Investing and Hunger Games

Survival“Here’s some advice…Stay alive” -Katniss

Right off the bat, I see this as a detrimental attitude to any venture, whether it be survival, a lifestyle change or a Real Estate Investing Business. If you are aiming at just surviving, as opposed to thriving, you are aiming far too low. Your sights should be set on exploding out of the gate and going for the gold from day 1.

Alliances“The strong band together to hunt down the weak then, when the tension becomes too great, begin to turn on one another.” -Suzanne Collins

This one element could be the “make or break” difference for you. The ones that come into a venture or business niche and see everyone as a shark in the water are doomed to fail. This is especially true in the Real Estate Investing Niche. Reaching out and networking with like-minded individuals will prove to be your greatest asset, especially when you are just starting out. There really is a “pay-it-forward” aspect when you give information freely, reveal resources or share your list. It’s truly a “win-win-win” market, if you play your cards right. 

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Sponsors“If no one sponsors me, my odds of staying alive decrease to almost zero.” –Katniss

Whether you like it or not, your audience’s opinion of you is a major factor. Creating your persona through means of Online Presence, Social Media Marketing, Advertising Campaigns, Business Relations and Networking is who you really are to the people at large. I like to call it “Celebrity Status”. The only “YOU” people know of, is who you present to them. What do I mean? If you present to them someone that is haphazard and unavailable that, unfortunately, is who you think you are! If you present to them a friendly, fun-loving, approachable and likable, but professional person – that is who they believe you to be. It doesn’t matter what you believe yourself to be if you do not present yourself that way publicly.

Surviving the world of Real Estate Investing takes a lot of courage and smarts. Recognizing where your resources are and the best path to take is one the largest portions of the game. If you would like to boost your online presence then please check out my training on Social Media Marketing but clicking on the link in the “Sponsors” paragraph or by heading over to http://www.jaysthilaire.com/social-media-marketing-training.


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