Real Estate Investing – Take the Leap

When it comes to Real Estate Investing, there generally emerges two types of people: those who are overly cautious and those who Take the Leap.

Before I go any further here, I do want to stress this one point. There is nothing wrong with doing your research when it comes to Real Estate Investing. You might consider someone a “nut job” that just runs in with their head down and loses their shirt in the process. Why? The reason why is because they did not do the required amount of research to be successful. You may have noticed that I purposely used the word “required“. We’ll talk about that later.

The Overly Cautious crowd tends to require an exhaustive list of everything there is to know about Real Estate Investing. Before they do anything, they have to read a stack of books, scour the internet, listen to an iPod full of Podcasts, attend Webinar after Webinar, take study course after study course. They haven’t lifted a foot in the right direction yet! They have what I call “The Analysis of Paralysis” syndrome that so many succumb to.

Then there are those who just Take the Leap. There are those who gain the necessary information and move forward. Remember what I said about the “Required” research? They find that a particular Real Estate Investing Niche is just their style or perhaps they stumble upon a Smoking-Hot-Deal that they can’t pass up. They do the required amount of market research or deal analysis and guess what?! They pull the trigger! I know is silly right? This is the difference maker that I have seen in my extensive experience in the Real Estate Investing Business. Too many “want-to-be” Real Estate Investors and perspective Homeowners struggle with making the connection. If you have the necessary information to say either: “This is a profitable deal” or “This is a horrible deal” you make the decision. Or for the perspective Homeowner who is looking at a Rent to Own deal: “Buying this home on Rent to Own will save us x amount of dollars of the next 10 years” and you just Take the Leap!

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ay St. Hilaire learned early that hard work and persistence are keys to a better life. At twelve years old he was working at his grandfather’s side tearing down small engines on the floor of his mom’s kitchen. He wanted to see what made them tick. Through his teens his grandfather continued to mentor him. At twenty-one Jay married and had a son. He also began his construction career, partnering with a new mentor, his dad, they built homes from the ground up. Having learned every aspect of the business, Jay eventually took over. He prides himself on being a lifelong learner. That’s why, in 2009, he called on a Dean Graziosi infomercial. He was ready to begin learning a new trade….. real estate. He read every book Dean wrote and then joined Dean’s Success Academy. Jay’s hard work brought immediate success. He closed numerous deals and mastered many effective strategies. He now enjoys paying it forward by traveling the country teaching the concepts he learned in the field. Throughout the adventure Jay keeps his two primary goals in mind each and every day. First, he’s committed to continuing to better himself, and second, he wants to help other’s benefit from the lessons he’s learned.

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