Another Season has come and went. With the change in weather has come many new and exciting developments at  as well as for my Real Estate Business overall.  To recount all of my current projects and all their nuances would take more space than I have available here. However, I want to share just a portion of all the great stuff happening right now.

I don’t want to miss the opportunity to tell you about one of my biggest accomplishments to date: I just published my first book ever! It’s called “STOP RENTING and be a homeowner NOW!!” and it’s currently available on

Also, my first Real Estate Investing Coaching Course is in the production phase and will be released very soon. I am putting together the best quality content and coaching available on the market that people pay $1,000’s to get their hands on. I am excited for it’s release and I hope you all are too!

Top Marketer and Personal Development Trainer

Brendon Burchard

I am currently on a flight to California to partake in a week of intensive training at the feet of the Top Marketer and Personal Development leader in the world, Brendon Burchard. Brendon is “a global Top 100 Most Followed Public Figure on Facebook.” It’s amazing that his Social Media Marketing posts reach over 10,000,000 people per week across the globe! What is so exciting for me is I am about to fill up my “tool box” with the exact Social Media Marketing Strategies that he himself has used to launch Multi-Million Dollar Product Launches!


Shortly after my amazing week with Brendon Burchard, I will be taking off with my beautiful wife to The Edge 2015 Event. The training is hosted by the Top Real Estate Trainer in the World. My friend and Mentor, Dean Graziosi. What’s more is, I am actually a featured speaker at the event!!! My talk will center around Social Media Marketing and how Real Estate Investors can take their investing to the next level by leveraging Social Media Marketing with a little know how and some key tools to create instant momentum on the fly. This talk comes at the heels of learning unbelievable strategies with Brendon. Talk about great timing!

Real Estate Trainer, Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Coach

Dean Graziosi

There’s so many things that can be said about “The Edge Event“, but one of my favorite things is the fact that you have people from all-walks-of-life that come and share their hard earned experience and knowledge with one another. Any Real Estate Investing Niche that you can think of will be discussed including Rent to Own Homes, Wholesaling, Lease Purchases, Rentals, Mobile Homes, Fix and Flips…you name it! The tactics and strategies that industry leaders are currently using will be taught, shared and discussed.Having the opportunity to teach others and at the same time add more cutting-edge tactics to my already stellar Real Estate Business is a dream come true, to say the least.

I look forward to sharing all the other exciting things going on here at on my next blog post. Feel free to comment on my blog and check out my other blog posts at

Thanks for reading and I’ll see all you soon!

Jay St Hilaire