Real Estate Renovations and Reinvesting

////Real Estate Renovations and Reinvesting

I thought it would be helpful to fill you all in on a few more details on my recent developments. Needless to say, we are keeping very busy in the Real Estate Investing landscape. With the help of my wife and son, Karen and Justin, we are renovating our beautiful camp near Chateaugay Lake. I’ve included some pictures and a video to show just some of the hard work that goes into taking on a venture like this. As I always share and teach, opportunities like this one don’t just fall into your lap… You must keep your eyes open and pull the trigger when the chance arises. Then you must commit to a hard work ethic with a “Don’t Quit” attitude. Now matter what venture is before you presently, it’s yours for the taking, if you set your mind to it and get after it!

I also want to tell you, just as I teach my students, building a vision takes planning and looking ahead for your next “Big Thing”. I practice what I preach, which is why I have built a vision for our next home. Following the link will take you to the post I made on Facebook. I’ve included some details of our next build and it’s actually the Featured Image you see at the top of this blog post.

I don’t need to tell you all that I do not share things updates with you to impress you with just how amazing I am, but I thrive in a business where I get to inspire others to do great things for themselves. The types of things I get to inspire others to do, don’t always cost tens of thousands of dollars… If that’s you, great!

However, I get inspire others to do make life-changing things wherever they find themselves currently! For you, it may be a goal that you’ve possessed for years that requires absolutely zero capital! Maybe it’s a career change, seeking a higher education, reuniting with old friends or getting dead-serious about a hobby! For someone else it just might be getting their feet wet in Real Estate Investing or taking a long hard look at a Rent to Own Home in my inventory.

What’s my point in all this? My point in all this: I am just like you. I am presented with very similar opportunities that are often presented to you. However, I have learned over the years to grab these opportunities by the throat and work them into a triumph! I want you all to believe that these same moments of triumph are available to you! Hey, take it from me… If I can succeed, YOU can succeed! When you achieve, you must reinvest in YOURSELF!

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ay St. Hilaire learned early that hard work and persistence are keys to a better life. At twelve years old he was working at his grandfather’s side tearing down small engines on the floor of his mom’s kitchen. He wanted to see what made them tick. Through his teens his grandfather continued to mentor him. At twenty-one Jay married and had a son. He also began his construction career, partnering with a new mentor, his dad, they built homes from the ground up. Having learned every aspect of the business, Jay eventually took over. He prides himself on being a lifelong learner. That’s why, in 2009, he called on a Dean Graziosi infomercial. He was ready to begin learning a new trade….. real estate. He read every book Dean wrote and then joined Dean’s Success Academy. Jay’s hard work brought immediate success. He closed numerous deals and mastered many effective strategies. He now enjoys paying it forward by traveling the country teaching the concepts he learned in the field. Throughout the adventure Jay keeps his two primary goals in mind each and every day. First, he’s committed to continuing to better himself, and second, he wants to help other’s benefit from the lessons he’s learned.

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