You CAN be a success!

//You CAN be a success!

Have you ever thought about what it takes to be profitable in the entrepreneurial world? There are some simple things that will get you on the right path. The real trick is to take action. That’s usually the difference between those who are profitable and those that are not.
Start off with the conclusion in mind. The first stage is to have a goal. A lucrative entrepreneur sees achievement from the start. They employ strategies of visualization to truly “know” their success. They map out every factor in their minds and on paper either through phrases of images and use it as a motivator during their personal daily grind.
Plan to realize success. Any profitable entrepreneur is aware that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. A well defined plan is the first instrument in moving toward success. The moment you make your mind up that you’re disciplined adequately to expand your own business you’ve taken the very first measures to success. The guiding force driving that success is the plan. Be organized in your approach, study all details and develop a road map with unique steps. Don’t forget that planning, endurance and dedication will be what gets you through.
You have to have a “knowing”… not just a belief. Think of this… If you toss a penny off the top of building you definitely know it will strike the ground… you don’t think if will – right? A belief may signify there may be a little doubt. With a “knowing” within you, and a potent feel of assurance there is no doubt that success is eminent.
Question Yourself, “How may I serve?”… Successful Entrepreneurs are people focused and realize they are in the “people” business. People buy people first and the product or service second. If you’re going to buy a vehicle and the first salesperson is loud, pushy and abrasive, you will probably walk away. If the second sales person you encounter is calm, helpful and warm and they make you feel like they want to help, who are you going to buy from? The car prices the very same no matter who you buy it from… where do you go?

You should be striving to be a improved you. Consistent and never ending improvement is the mantra of the entrepreneur. There is always a better way to do something. Those who are successful strive to consistently improve all that surrounds them; they’re programs, their personell and most importantly themselves. When your state of mind displays excellence others will feel the same way if you win them over.
Get outside your comfort zone and think outside the box. In this ever growing and competitive world we reside and work in an entrepreneur must stand out. You have to to promote “YOU” in a imaginative and sophisticated way.
Outsourcing and having a staff is a major factor. Any profitable business person is surrounded by a team of people. You cannot be the chef, cook and the main bottle washer and accomplish success you are looking for. You have to lean on your own strengths and fill in your weakness with others strengths. By helping others to accomplish greatness, you ensure that path for yourself.
Education is imperative to remain in front of the curve. A effective entrepreneur should constantly be in search of knowledge. The minute you discover yourself staying “I already know that” you have just closed the door to new information that can keep you on top of your game and always moving forward.
In order to be successful in business you always have to look at the angels. If something isn’t working it cannot be seen as an end; just a bump in the road. The successful businessman looks at all situations from a “how can I” perspective. There is never defeat… just another way to realize success.
Determination is the driving force. Once all the other things are in place, shear determination is the ultimate piece of the puzzle. A runner needs it to get through those last few miles of the marathon and the businessman needs to do it as will. You must put in a maximum effort and push through it because the sweet experience of winning gold is just around the corner.
If you can employ these few strategies in your quest for success you will surely achieve it. Don’t forget, blood, sweat and tears at the beginning, sets you up to look smart later on and then the going is much easier. If you take it one phase and one small success at a time, you will be a stunned where you find yourself in just a years time!

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ay St. Hilaire learned early that hard work and persistence are keys to a better life. At twelve years old he was working at his grandfather’s side tearing down small engines on the floor of his mom’s kitchen. He wanted to see what made them tick. Through his teens his grandfather continued to mentor him. At twenty-one Jay married and had a son. He also began his construction career, partnering with a new mentor, his dad, they built homes from the ground up. Having learned every aspect of the business, Jay eventually took over. He prides himself on being a lifelong learner. That’s why, in 2009, he called on a Dean Graziosi infomercial. He was ready to begin learning a new trade….. real estate. He read every book Dean wrote and then joined Dean’s Success Academy. Jay’s hard work brought immediate success. He closed numerous deals and mastered many effective strategies. He now enjoys paying it forward by traveling the country teaching the concepts he learned in the field. Throughout the adventure Jay keeps his two primary goals in mind each and every day. First, he’s committed to continuing to better himself, and second, he wants to help other’s benefit from the lessons he’s learned.

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